Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Timewarp: Forget Nicole... Here's Lionel

I wasn't a huge Lionel Richie fan in my day, but he did create one of the best Latin based pop songs of the early 80s and one of the best dance videos ever made. (Think of how NEW some of this dance was to the American public.)

Doesn't this totally make you miss bright colors, chunky jewelry and perms?

Ok, there's a new Law & Order on tonight. Gotta go!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Timewarp Tuesday/Wednesday: The Late/Early Edition

My dear boyfriend got back from Germany yesterday. In the fall and spring, my boyfriend travels enough that I get a lot of "me" time, for better or for worse. Thankfully, he is a very attentive boyfriend. I certainly have had boyfriends who are more physically present, but who have otherwise checked out.

So, last night, we had a computer moratorium, which was quite remarkable since he is also quite the computer nerd (heh, heh). Hence, today's late/early edition.

Since I am taking German these days. This is Dienstag Timewarp. Here's my favorite German punk.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Timewarp Tuesday: Photography of Me

My scanner arrived today. True to my name... Analog in Digital...I've taken on the ambitious project of digitizing important family photos and other critical documents.

So, here's a little song about photographs. If you didn't try to style your hair like A Flock of Seagulls, then you can hardly call yourself a child of the 80's.

And here's a little taste of things to come. Here are my brother and I at the Silver Dollar Fair, circa 1974 is my guess....Vrrroom, vrrooom....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Sighting: Obama and Me

One of the cool things about living in Washington, DC are the "celebrity" sightings. Friday I was walking down Connecticut, iPod on (learning German... "Woher kommst du?"), when a woman in a black trenchcoat and an earpiece puts her hands up, stopping the sidewalk traffic. Out from the Washington Sports Club (a local health club chain), come a group of men in black, including in a black athletic wear and a baseball cap, Obama! Off he went into his getaway vehicle. It all happened so fast.

I wasn't quite this close, but almost. This is from the Obama campaign office in the building where I work. While I vote in DC, I'm thinking of volunteering for the campaign since I spend almost 1/3rd of my current life in the swing state. Obama's looking especially shiny. It must have been the workout.

By the way, this morning while I was on my way to German class, the streets were blockaded for, I presume, Bushy. *Yawn*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Timewarp Tuesday: Vintage U2

Another vintage clip. Why U2 this week? Well, as I've been developing my guitar calluses, I actually learned how to play "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (chords, not all the cool stuff the Edge can play) this week in addition to having a "Sunday Bloody Sunday" this last weekend. (See last post for clues.)

I can't tell you how many times I've watched this footage from U2's "Live from Red Rocks" concert. It came out in 1983, during the early MTV days when they still had lots of music on "Music Television." They broadcast the whole concert several times. Do you know how many times a 14 year-old music lover can watch this seminal concert?

The answer: many, many times.

I own the live album on vinyl, too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Timewarp Tuesday: The Bee Gees Vortex

This week I'm going a little further back in time, but my contemporaries will appreciate this one. How this week's timewarp came to be... honestly, I was a the gym and heard the song "Emotion" by The Bee Gees. As I'm in a premenstrual funk/bloat, I thought. How appropriate!

Except then I got suck into the vortex of YouTube. You know, the one where you watch one thing, and then it suggests a bunch of new videos and then you watch one of those, and so on and so on, like a bloody shampoo commercial! Anyway, I went from Bee Gees to Andy Gibb to Leif Garrett to Leif Garrett with Brooke Shields to The Blue Lagoon and then I knew I was in the deep end.

So, back to dry land and to the Bee Gees images that are emblazoned in the minds of any girls who ever had disco dancing contests in their basements. Enjoy. (But don't get dizzy. I kinda did, but thankfully, I was sitting down.)

And here's "Emotion" in case you were curious. I vaguely remember the late 70's negligee-lip gloss-bedroom eye style. Man, were those wild times! (FYI: The Bee Gees do the back up vocals, if you're not clear on the connection.)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Sober: Welcome to DC

A few days after the fact...but on 9/11 the Dupont Circle metro station was swarming with police. Not putting together that they were on alert because of 9/11, I decided to take a picture, as I often take pictures of cops, ambulances, and motorcades.

I snapped this shot, the cop turned around, having noticed my camera flash, and I ducked into the train, my heart racing. "Shit! What have I done! He's going to memorize the car I'm on and I'll be picked up at Metro Center and put under suspicion as a part of a terrorist plot! What I am thinking taking photos in the Metro in DC on 9/11!"

Well, that didn't happen. I made it to work as usual. Phew.